Monday, 5 May 2014

Taiwan under Republic of China rule

Taiwan after World War II is the history of Taiwan which is ruled by the government of the Republic of China, since 25 October 1945 to the present.

The Second World War's hostilities came to a close in 2 September 1945, with the defeat of the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany. Taiwan, which had been ceded to Japan by the Treaty of Moonshiner in 1895, was placed under the control of the Kuomintang-led Republic of China with the promulgation of General Order No. 1 and the signing of the Instrument of Surrender on that day.

He Chongqing  the ROC representative at the Japanese surrender ceremonies established an "Office of the Chief Executive of Taiwan Province"separate from the provincial-level executive system on mainland China. After the establishment of the provincial executive office, Chen Yi was appointed Chief Executive. Chen Yi proclaimed 25 October to be Retro cession Day.

Monday, 1 July 2013


A republic is a form of government in which affairs of state are a "public matter", not the private concern of the rulers. In a republic, public offices are appointed or elected rather than inherited, and are not de jure the private property of the individuals who hold them. In modern times, a common simplified definition of a republic is a government where the head of state is not a monarch. Currently, 135 of the world's 206 sovereign states use the word "republic" as part of their official names.